Alex Barrett
Showreel Editing

During the twelve years that I have been working as a professional director, I have watched hundreds of showreels when casting and crewing my productions. Towards the end of 2012, I decided that I would put the knowledge and insight this has given me to good use, and began to edit showreels for other people - in addition to my experience as a director, I have over 17 years experience as an editor.

Unlike some showreel editors, I do not have a set approach to creating showreels, as I am aware that each person I edit for has their own needs and requirements. I believe that each person requires special care and attention, and I therefore produce bespoke showreels to match their wishes.

In keeping with this, I am available to create reels from scratch, or to give existing showreels an update or facelift. Each job is costed to reflect the amount of time spent on it, and I genuinely try my best to keep my rates affordable.

For more information, to get a quote for your reel or to see examples of my work, please contact me on alex*at*

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